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AboutThe Client

Rei Clothing was founded to keep Custodio Reis’ name alive.  To keep his spirit alive.  When Custodio passed, it was extremely hard on everyone. This was when we decided to turn something tragic into positive energy.

“This brand which sort of turned into a movement that has reshaped the true meaning of “Family”. How it is not just about your bloodline, but about the connection you make with people, spreading love to everyone around you and the ability to affect those around you positively.”


About this project

As the Rei Clothing brand was gaining popularity through social media and word-of-mouth the need for a robust e-commerce platform has become apparent. Being overwhelmed with manually filling the orders that were coming in they needed a better way to present inventory and stock.

We set out to design a responsive and a user friendly WordPress website with a WooCommerce integration, enabling for one of the most cost-effective e-comm solutions on the market.

We also took our client’s Instagram account, rich with high quality shots of products and we turned it into a beautiful gallery of ‘shop-able’ images, where items can clicked & directly added into the shopping cart for a seamless experience.

To more effectively communicate with clients we created a contact form, a newsletter signup module along with social media integrations.